Tickets include a flight of 4 ciders, light snacks, and course instructor (we always finish with a special bottle opening, as well!). Class space is limited, so we recommend purchasing tickets ahead of time.

Monday May 6th, 7pm

“Cider 101”

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To kick off summer, we will talk about how it all began. Where did it come from? How is it made? We will look at the different kinds of ciders and why it seems to be everywhere you look these days. Sounds like a lot, but this is cursory introduction that will prove one thing: cider is more than just a fruity fad. Rather, it has been a foundation of modern civilization that continues to delight and surprise us. Class includes a flight of four Ciders, light snacks and the course instructor. Of course, we always finish with a special bottle opening to toast.

Monday May 20, 7pm

“Spanish Cider”

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Explore one of the oldest cider drinking cultures in the world: northern Spain. We will cover cider pouring techniques, and the culture surrounding cider from both Basque and Asturias. Our Cider Director has traveled throughout the region last Fall, bringing plenty of stories to share. He will also be leading a tour of the region this summer and YOU are invited! Join us for this Cider School to learn more about the trip, or just hang out to enjoy the wonderful wild world of Spanish cider. Class includes a flight of four ciders, table side snacks and the course instructor. We always end with something special from our cellar for a toast.





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