Tickets include a flight of 4 ciders, light snacks, and course instructor (we always finish with a special bottle opening, as well!). Class space is limited, so we recommend purchasing tickets ahead of time.

MONDAY, July 8th; 7PM

History of Cider in America

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Our country was built on cider. From the earliest days of European settlement, to the Revolutionary War and on through to the current day, cider has had a rocky history. We will dive in and sip on the same beverage that our Founding Fathers made.

Monday, July 15th; 7pm

Fruit, Spice & Everything Nice

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Cider isn't just apples anymore, especially here in the United States. We are setting standards for new and exciting blends of different fruits, spices, and hops. We will be tasting for balance and inventiveness to this limitless category.

Monday, July 22th; 7pm

Red Fleshed Ciders

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Not to be confused with the contemporary trend of Rosé Ciders made with infused ingredients, red fleshed ciders are made with nothing more than pressed apples. Yet the ciders that result from their juice create vibrant, wild flavors that go beyond tasting like just an everyday apple. And they are rare; very few of these ciders are even produced, because the fruit is in such small supply.

Monday, July 29th; 7pm

Ciders from Around the World

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Cider traditions develop uniquely among different places, peoples and palates. But cider folk share many things in common, chief amongst them is the desire to gather and recreate together with friends and neighbors. Let’s do just that! Sit around and drink cider while we talk about different cider cultures, noticing what is different and what is similar amongst the apple beverages of the world.





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